Sunday, March 29, 2009

11,040 ft. and DINOBOTS

Mt. Superior - 11,040ft.
Eric Balken
Jon Penfield


Jason Heckle

Noah Lohr

Noah Lohr

Monday, March 23, 2009


Lower Muley Twist @ Capitol Reef Utah

A week of insignificant snow brings my adventures to Southern Utah for some backpacking and other random adventures. First stop was the Muley Twist. After packing in for a day we dropped our packs and hiked the rest of the canyon only to return super hungry.

Matt Steele & Eric Balken
First nights camp
Muley Twist

Muley Twist
View from first nights camp

Sandstone in Muley Twist
Second Days hike

Tree Illuminated on Sandstone
Muley Twist Second Night

After another day we bid the canyon adieu. I then got a ride to a canyon a couple miles from Moab, only to arrive at 9pm. I then packed up in the dark for an hour and half, found a place to sleep, then woke to this...

Hardened Clay
Negro Bill Canyon

Negro Bill Canyon

After a night alone I hitch-hiked into Moab, surprisingly fast I might add, to meet with some old friends for some relaxing and fun on the river.

Ian Stackhouse
Alex Wilson
Cameron Gray
Tiffany Altman
Sean Brass

Sunday, March 15, 2009

801 Vs. 435

The sun was out along with the warm weather during the 801 Vs. 435 competition @ Brighton. The open jam status brought a lot of variety and a good atmosphere as the kids threw down.

Jeff Keisel

James Edward

Many chucked their meats today and all were considered victorious. Kevin Malone was declared the best representative of the 435 area code while Dimitri Littig took the 801 on his shoulders.

Dimitri Littig

Kevin Malone

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Testing Theories

Dimitri Littig

The snow has been falling and keeping everybody here very happy! Our March 10th storm brought us up to Brighton for some fun, testing some theory of gravity with our friends from Surface...An apple falling on our head wasn't enough.

Blake Nyman

Kristie Giles

The next morning took us the way to Grizzly Gulch for a beautiful moonlit walk up to the Pyramid Gap for a dose of sanity.....

Or insanity....?

Eric Balken